Introducing Ahmir J. Kenyatta

March 10, 2023

LADD is proud to announce the arrival of its incredible new Chief People Officers, Ahmir J. Kenyatta. Ahmir has always cared deeply about promoting a happy and successful working environment; he recognizes that a workplace experience can be a joyous one with the right HR team.

Ahmir is originally from South Florida, but he has lived, worked, and travelled to TONS of different places. His excursions have taken Ahmir to over 21 different countries, with Prague being his favorite (he tells people it feels just like being in a Disney movie!) He considers himself a lifelong learner and loves to explore new destinations and all they have to offer.

Although his work has led him everywhere from San Diego to Boston, Ahmir currently lives in Suburban Cincinnati. After working in the HR department for most of his life, Ahmir is “excited to jump in” to his new position with LADD.

“Ladd is a fantastic and caring organization. It is a pleasure and honor to serve as CPO. I can already see that LADD is incredibly special because of the people that care so deeply about carrying out our mission and serving our clients across several programs” Ahmir stated.

He loves that LADD’s values directly align with his own, and like many others at LADD, Ahmir has dedicated most of his life to helping other people. He hopes that upon starting his new position, he can modernize LADD’s HR process. He recognizes that HR is ever-changing, and to provide the best care to his clients and colleagues, HR structure must consistently grow and improve.

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