Forging a path forward

Because of you, LADD has transformed to weather the COVID-19 crisis.

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Because of your support over the last several years, and especially in the last few months, LADD has been able to respond quickly and pivot successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guiding light in every decision made over the past two months has been the health and safety of those we support. And we have been a leader throughout this pandemic, setting a precedent for safety protocols, advocating for our resilient community and boasting an incredibly dedicated staff. None of this would be possible without your steady support and longtime investment in our mission.

Because of you, LADD has transformed to weather this crisis by:

  • Launching remote support. Originally scheduled for 2021, we launched our smart living support last month for a select few individuals. Using two-way communication in real time, such as home-based sensors, cameras and other technologies, remote support allows an off-site caregiver to monitor and respond to an individual’s safety and needs. The program is now ready to implement for other individuals if needed during the pandemic.
  • Investing in technology and infrastructure. Distance doesn’t mean disconnecting. In this new world of remote work and connection, LADD has invested significantly in tablets, software and training so that all of us can continue doing the important work of supporting adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Keeping individuals engaged at home and virtually. Thanks to the generosity of LADD board members and your donations, we have been delivering a Brighter Days Box to each individual supported by LADD. The gift bundle includes games, puzzles, craft supplies, activity books and more. Through virtual events on Zoom, we’ve also been facilitating real-time engagement between friends, neighbors, staff and community members. From LADD Live – featuring different topics, activities and special guests – to Fit for Life workout classes and Independent Resident Council meetings, we’re providing opportunities for individuals to connect with others face-to-face each week day.
  • Securing critical personal protective equipment and sanitization supplies. LADD has made significant investments in PPE and sanitization supplies. Frontline employees have made daily sanitization protocols, including wearing masks throughout their shift to constant handwashing and disinfecting, part of their new normal. We are taking every precaution possible to protect those we support and our staff.

LADD will continue to navigate these unprecedented challenges, respond with solutions and stand strong in empowering adults with developmental disabilities. We are humbled to have you as part of our community as we forge ahead.

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