September 9, 2023 – September 15, 2023 all-day
DSP Appreciation Week



There are 4 awards and nominations take LESS THAN 30 SECONDS! The first three awards are ONLY for DSPs and will be voted on by people LADD Serves!  The fourth award, “Leading The LADD Way” Award is for ALL LADD employees—including DSPs!

Click here to nominate someone for the LADD’s Empowerment Committee DSP awards! When you explain why you are nominating them, please be specific.  There are 3 empowerment committee awards listed below. These awards were created and are selected by people LADD supports and people with developmental disabilities in the community. 

Awards will be given out at the Mecklenberg Gardens LADD DSP Thank you Dance, Friday, September 15th.

Click here for The Leading the LADD Way Award! 

This award is voted on by your peers on The LADD Way Advisory Board. The Advisory Board wants to recognize staff who live The LADD Way!  They would like to honor your work and efforts as you model The LADD Way Fundamentals.  Winners will receive an award and gift and this month it will happen during DSP Appreciation Week—Tuesday September 12th at the All Staff meeting!


DEADLINE:  Friday, September 1 at midnight.  I highly encourage people supported by LADD and families to submit nominations! Awards will be given out during DSP week


1.           Above and Beyond Award (given out by the people LADD supports/Empowerment Committee)

People that care about ALL of the people LADD supports and that recognize the special gifts of the person they are supporting and elevate their gifts.  Click here to nominate.


2.           Integrity Award (Given out by the people LADD supports/Empowerment Committee)

Being honest with the people they support and helping them to achieve their goals, even when it is hard.  People with intellectual disabilities should not be looked down upon and should be told the truth about things—even if they are not doing well at something.  Staff that make a mistake are open and honest about that mistake and then find a way to correct that mistake.  A DSP that gets along with other staff and stays professional even when things are hard. Click here to nominate. 


3.   Reliability Award (given out by the people LADD supports/Empowerment Committee)

The person you can always count on A DSP that shows up on time, is focused, not on their phone.  They are a person focused on the job not on all the things happening in their own life.  They are they when you need them.  They are concerned if something feels off or if something happened they ask how the person they are supporting is feeling.  Click here to nominate.


4.   Living the LADD Way—Mission Driven (Given out by the LADD Advisory Board, that consists of LADD employees)

A LADD Employee that is inspired by LADD’s mission. As such, you relentlessly pursue excellence in your own work and your team’s work.  Click here for The Leading the LADD Way Award!