LADD Board

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LADD Board Officers

Board Chair

Kush V. Kotecha

Vice President

Will Goering


Aaron Haslam

Vice President

Maggie Palazzolo

Vice President

Robert "Chip" Heidt III


Michael A. Head


Emily Geier Vollmer


Wendell E. Anderson

Kathleen Arar, M.D.

Andrew J. R. Brennan

Robert S. Bullock

Jack Geiger

Shelley F. Goering

Chris Lidel

Betsy A. Mullin

Peter Niehoff

Alena L. O'Donnell

Kim Vincent

Erika Watson

Michael A. Weber

David Zimmerman

Advisory Board

Christopher A. Carlson

Anthony G. Esposito

Vallie Geier

Gary J. Gruber

Karri Haffner

Poppy Hawkins

Francie Hiltz

Emmy Hobson

Marie Huenefeld

John Lanier

Kate Lawrence

Michael S. McGraw

Donald L. Mellott, Jr.

Betsy Mullin

Esther Lee Pederson

Charles A. Pettengill

Alison Zimmerman

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Brownknight

LADD Board Committees

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