Stepping up our gardening game thanks to Xavier University volunteers

Nov. 23, 2020

Xavier University volunteers at Jenny Crowe's home.

The gardening program launched this past summer by Jenny Crowe, who is supported by LADD and a certified Master Gardener, is still going strong even as we inch closer to the winter. Gardeners across LADD have harvested their fall gardens with kale, broccoli, lettuce and green beans and have already begun prepping for the spring.

In October, Xavier University students spent a day volunteering in Jenny’s garden, where she leads the weekly virtual classes, in an effort to expand and enhance the gardening program.

It was part of the university’s Community Action Day, an annual service experience where Xavier students, faculty, staff, and alumni step off campus to learn from, grow with, and serve the communities that exist beyond the confines of campus. This year, a team of six students (all masked and working outside) helped Jenny build and fill large planters for raised beds. 

Jenny Crowe and Xavier students safely worked together building planters.

“Creating life through plants is helping people stay active and healthy during COVID,” said Matt Dunn, LADD’s volunteer and event manager. “We also plan to build additional gardening structures at other residences in the spring.”

The efforts are being supported by a $7,000 Health and Wellness Through Gardening Grant from the Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation. 

Read more about Jenny’s “Gardening 1-2-3” program here