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Health and wellness is one of LADD’s six core values. At LADD, we believe that feeling good is critical to fulfilling one’s potential. With the support of our annual campaign donors, LADD has launched a vigorous health and wellness program that provides the people we support a multitude opportunities to live an active and healthy lifestyle:

  • Regular health and wellness programming: Walking Groups, Fit for Life, Mindfulness, Adventure Club, Stress Relief and Yoga
  • Sports Leagues: People served by LADD have partnered with students at St. Xaxier High School to form a Saturday morning Basketball League. People served by LADD are also invited to join our annual community softball team.
  • Races and race training: LADD is the second largest Saturday team at the Flying Pig Marathon. Team LADD also participates in other community-based races such as The Foam Glow, The Color Run, The Amazing Charity Race, Morgan’s Triathlon and The Beast of the East Fork Obstacle Course.
  • Individual consultation: LADD’s wellness program provides individualized wellness plans and opportunities based on each person’s interest, goals, health requirements, and abilities.
  • Health and Wellness Partnerships:
    • Kroger: LADD actively participates in Kroger’s Zero Waste Policy by using meal kit donations to decrease waste and promote healthy meal choices, independent cooking skills, and portion control.
    • REI: LADD co-hosts Outdoor Accessibility for All, a monthly event promoting the belief that everyone, regardless of ability or skill level should have access to the outdoors.
    • BLAST Class: An aquatic fitness class provided in partnership with the YMCA.

*Disclaimer: Some of these programs have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have shifted our supports to include more virtual and outdoor opportunities in order to keep everyone safe.

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