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Health and wellness is one of LADD’s six core values. At LADD, we believe that feeling good is critical to fulfilling one’s potential. LADD has launched a vigorous health and wellness program that provides you the support opportunities to live an active and healthy lifestyle:

  • Regular group health and wellness classes: walking groups, Fit for Life, mindfulness through personal coaching, strength and stretching classes, yoga classes, cooking classes, sport programs, participation in community wellness events and classes.
  • Individual consultation: LADD’s wellness program provides individualized wellness plans and opportunities based on each person’s interest, goals, health requirements, and abilities.
  • Meal Planning and nutrition coaching.

LADD plans to make these services available to people who do not already receive services from LADD and to offer them as a private pay option. If you do not receive LADD services but would like to be added to the waitlist please email.

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