LADD’s Smart Living Program is the first-of-its-kind in the nation to use technology enabled support systems as an updated staffing model to facilitate independent living. This model further ensures that individuals living with disabilities experience a full, healthy and inclusive life. Technology enabled support systems, home automation and wearable technology, can be installed in a variety of living situations that would allow virtual support professionals to anticipate the needs of people served remotely.

This kind of service allows an individual to reach their goals while providing the staff the opportunity to deliver the most effective support, driven by meaningful outcomes. LADD is improving upon the current service model which calls for staff to be present in the home 24/7, targeting in-person supports only when value added activities and training occurs. This new model of service delivery is transformative in the way that individuals with disabilities receive support and live independently in their communities. LADD is laying the groundwork for a technology first method of service delivery to elevate the developmental disabilities community across our nation!

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