The SOAR program helps individuals and families with disabilities to navigate the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program — a federal housing program that assists low-income individuals and families afford housing in the private market.

Access to the HCV program is obtained through our waitlist from referrals to our community partner, the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA). Through our partnership with CMHA, the SOAR program has been able to house over 200 Hamilton County families, reducing the household’s rental burden by over $1 million.

A main benefit of the HCV program is that it allows the voucher holder a choice in where they want to live with a program goal to move families from low-poverty neighborhoods to ones that empower them to live, work, and connect.

We provide the following resources:

  • Streamline the HCV process for new applicants
  • Maintain continued HCV participation
  • Facilitate the annual recertification process
  • Client-Landlord mediation
  • HCV program compliance

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