Mark and Mom Family Fund: In Honor of LADD’s Direct Support Professionals

October 1, 2021

At the 2021 Taking Flight Awards, we announced the creation of the Mark and Mom Family Fund, an endowed fund established by Mark Whited and Marcia Philipps. The purpose of the Mark and Mom Family Fund is to provide regular bonuses for Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) at LADD, whose dedication and work is invaluable to the people they support.

The fund was established in recognition of the critical work performed by DSP’s to ensure that people with developmental disabilities are empowered to live independent and meaningful lives. “Mark is 45, he was born in Boston and diagnosed with something that would change his life.” Marcia shared with our agency. “From an early age Mark needed extra support. I think Mark has been really fortunate to have wonderful women, and a few men, as Direct Support Professionals in his life.”

“Their value is greater. Waiting on others to step up and make that change became intolerable for me.” Marcia said. “And although I can only make a small contribution in Mark, my co-founder, I wanted to make a real difference so others could build upon it… then, that will be enough to ensure that Direct Support Professionals are valued through a bonus at least once a year.” The fund has raised $191,000 in endowed support. Interest from the fund is available to support DSP bonuses once the fund’s principal reached $200,000.

Marcia, one of the founders of the fund explained that this fund was designed to answer the call for those individuals who dedicate themselves to ensuring that people with developmental disabilities live their best lives and are rewarded monetarily. Seen as both what DSPs deserve and have earned through their incredible commitment to others every single day.

This campaign is inspired by the invaluable worth and honor of those individuals who help to transform lives at LADD. The parting message: equity.

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