P.S. By Mark With a Purpose

October 9, 2023

A perfect day for Mark Whited is when he is giving back. We all need purpose and connection in life, and for Mark, who is unable to speak, helping people by running errands is his passion.

When Mark graduated from Anderson High School in 1994, his mother, Marcia, wanted to ensure Mark remained active and fully engaged in the community. This is how “P.S. (Personal Shopping) by Mark” was born.

For almost 30 years, Mark has been running errands for people, including his old alma mater, Anderson High School.

He’ll return library books, pick up dry cleaning, go to the post office or grocery store, whatever you need. This has enabled Mark to stay physically active and social in his community but has also contributed to the lives of countless others.

(Please consider utilizing P.S. by Mark. To do so, contact: 513-255-3331)

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