Meet Amy Krieg

February 7, 2024

Meet Amy Krieg, the winner of January 2024’s Leading the LADD Way Award. Individuals who work with Amy and those she serves selected Amy for the award for exemplifying the LADD Way fundamental, “Never Compromise on Wellness.”

“I am very grateful to have been recognized for January’s award,” said Amy, who has worked at LADD for eight years.

As a direct support professional with LADD’s community-supported living program, Amy serves Carrie Hogshead while supporting Alex Koehne and Sandy Kees. She also enjoys joining adventures organized by LADD’s Independent Resident Council from time to time.

Amy received January’s award for being a role model for colleagues and the people she supports by finding creative ways other than food to thank individuals, encouraging and finding opportunities for regular physical activity while working, and supporting the emotional and mental wellbeing of those around her.

 “I can’t say enough about how powerful Amy’s belief in health and wellness is. She approaches health and wellness holistically.”

Susan Brownknight, CEO of LADD

Amy added, “I do try hard to work on health and wellness, and individuals’ personal choices and freedoms.”

LADD truly appreciates Amy’s dedication to promoting the wellbeing of those she works with and serves.

Congratulations, Amy, and here is to a healthy and happy 2024 for everyone.

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