Meet the LADD Front Desk Crew

May 20, 2023

They say you never get a second chance at making a first impression. For most people visiting the LADD campus, the first person they meet is one of our awesome front desk managers. We’d like to shine a spotlight on Wendy, Tim, and Matt, the dedicated representatives who hold it all down at the LADD front desk, so you can get to know them as more than just a friendly face and helpful voice on the phone.

Meet Wendy

Meet Wendy. She has been a LADD resident for eleven years and has worked in the LADD office for seven years. Prior to her position at LADD she worked at the Goddard School daycare. When the previous LADD office manager retired, she approached Wendy with the opportunity to join the front desk staff.

Her favorite part of the job is answering the phones, keeping the finance files in order, and managing the incoming and outgoing mail in the facility. She’s known around the office for making the best coffee!

Outside of work, Wendy is an avid sports fan (Atlanta Braves and more) and an athlete herself, competing as a member of the special olympics bowling team. She also has a passion for being creative, such as making detailed handcrafted greeting and holiday cards in her free time.

Meet Tim

Meet Tim. He’s worked at the LADD office for six years and is a LADD resident at Find A Way. Before working at the front desk, he worked at the Bengal’s stadium for nine seasons and held a position at a physical therapy center doing billing and data entry. However, it can be difficult to find consistent long term employment in the job market.

“I was trying to find a job for so many months, it was hard at the time. My DSP Neil said ‘there’s an opening at Victory Parkway,’” Tim explained.

As part of the team, Tim answers the phones, works on the computer, and delivers mail to the staff and residents. His favorite part of the job is greeting visitors. Tim has a winning smile that instantly makes newcomers feel welcome.

When he’s not at work, you might see Tim out attending the games of one of his favorite sports teams: the Bengals, the Reds, and the Xavier Musketeers.

Meet Matt

Meet Matt. Long time LADD resident and part of the front desk team for the past seven years. He was working at a laundromat while living on the Victory Parkway campus, just a few short minutes away from the office. When the position opened up, the program director called Matt in for an interview and offered him the job along with Wendy. He now lives in one of LADD’s new Smart homes in Anderson township.

“The former office manager was leaving so they needed two new office assistants and I guess I was the chosen one,” Matt told us. He starts his days early, waking up before six in the morning and sometimes not returning home until almost six in the afternoon.

In the office Matt handles phone duties, mail, and keeps the daily schedule running smoothly looking up the meetings and writing them down. His favorite part is greeting visitors and assisting to direct them where they need to go in the facility.

Matt’s passion for the LADD mission is showcased in his incredible work ethic both on and off the clock. In his free time Matt is an educator offering a number of classes around the city, including a seminar on how to navigate the Cincinnati Metro bus system. He’s frequently burning the midnight oil working on PowerPoint presentations and jamming out to some great tunes by the Baha Men.

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