Recognizing Disability Pride Month

July 21, 2023

July is Disability Pride Month. a time to promote awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of the experiences and challenges faced by people with disabilities, both visible and invisible. LADD is proud to work toward continually expanding the recognition of the disability community and what different bodies and minds bring to the table.

Nearly 1 in 4 people in the U.S. have some type of disability, a statistic that makes the lack of representation deeply and systemically problematic. Disability Pride Month emphasizes the importance of accessibility and equity for everyone.

The stories we often hear about people with disabilities are tales of tragedy or inspiration in face of incredible challenge, reducing the full and varied range of their experiences to narrow narratives that do not do justice to our complexity, individuality, and community. Disabled people are often only viewed as valuable if they do extraordinary things that portray them as “overcoming” their disability.

Disability Pride Month gives us a chance to flip the script and recognize people with disabilities as they are: unique individuals and communities with strengths, challenges, passions, dreams, and pride.

Take time this July to listen to the stories of your friends, family, and neighbors with disabilities. Let’s challenge the perception that disability equates to weakness. This is an opportunity to broaden our understanding and stand as allies in the fight for a more inclusive and equal world. This month and every month.

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