The Amazing Marc “Cinemarc” Steven Fried

June 20, 2023

Meet Marc “Marcus” Steven Fried, AKA Cinemarcus. He’s a movie buff, a filmmaker, & the proud creator of Cinemarcus (formerly ReMARCable), a film blog based off of his own name that reviews films, restaurants, events in Cincinnati, & more. His reviews are an awesome combination of a written film review accompanied by a video of him describing his thoughts even further. He also hosts a film club that meets one Saturday, but now one Thursday evening every month so he can share his love of film with others around him.

As a fan of Steven Spielberg, he hopes to follow in his footsteps and one day become a casting or film director, an executive producer, or even starting his own company, Cinemarcus Productions in Hollywood, CA. There’s nothing that makes him more proud than creating and sharing incredible original film ideas. His dreams aren’t so far fetched. He has been working to take steps to attain this dream, as he has recently taken on a role working on the film project ‘See My Ability, Not My Disability” as a producer, co-director, and actor!

The new film shares glimpses of the hilarious, talented, and multifaceted community at Thomas Adventures in Lifelong Learning (TALL) in Blue Ash, Ohio. Created as a collaboration between Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati and TALL, this film aims to center the voices and experiences of the capable individuals at TALL and remind audiences that adults with disabilities live full, complex lives.

Marc has hopes of producing more original film ideas with TALL/Ensemble like Beauty & The 3 Little Pigs, & Murder Mystery Town Hall. According to Marc, he also has some other original film ideas of his own that he hopes to bring to life in the future.

The film ‘See My Ability, Not My Disability” will be shown at this year’s OTR Film Festival on Saturday, July 8th at the Contemporary Arts Center. Show your support and get your tickets for the film here.

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