Tom Neidhard: Bold, Fierce & Independent

October 12, 2023

There’s no one quite like Tom Neidhard. When you first meet him, you’re struck by the unique way he holds his shoulders, the rhythm of his speaking voice, and his signature day glow yellow knee socks (his favorite color). He’s fiercely independent and inquisitive and makes sure he learns your name and repeats it to you several times to ensure he gets it right.

Tom is an arts lover. He enjoys singing, dancing, and attending theater and films. Along with his sister-in-law, he organizes concerts for the community where he sings standards by Rosemary Clooney and John Denver and encourages everyone to sing along. In 1988, he was in the movie Rain Man, where he spent countless hours with Dustin Hoffman, who modeled the character Raymond Babbit after Tom. Tom is unabashedly himself and is someone you don’t forget.

In 2020, Tom retired and moved to LADD. He’s now living independently in his apartment at the Victory Parkway location, one of the first independent living models for aging people with developmental disabilities.

Tom contributes meaningfully to so many lives and deserves, as does everyone, the support to age in dignity.

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