Volunteer Spotlight: Phyllis Breen

December 21, 2023

Family photo of Phyllis Breen standing between her daughter on the left and husband on the right with green foliage and sunlight in the backgroud.

Life changed forever when Phyllis and Phil Breen’s daughters Julie and Kate were both diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In 1980, Phyllis became involved with United Cerebral Palsy (UCP), where she met Peggy Geier, who founded LADD in 1975.

Phyllis and Peggy bonded as mothers searching for solutions for their children. Moved by UCP’s mission, Phyllis began volunteering there but was inspired by what Peggy and LADD were doing with their housing initiative for adults with developmental disabilities. Being a dedicated and philanthropic person, it was only natural for Phyllis to become involved with LADD.

She served on LADD’s Board of Trustees from 1989-2005. Phyllis has dedicated much of her life to volunteering at LADD and other local organizations serving the disabilities community. Phyllis and her husband have also donated financially to LADD since 1986.

What began as a loving mother’s search for solutions for her daughters has become a lifelong commitment to giving back to the disabilities community. LADD thanks the Breen family and countless other volunteers for their dedication and ongoing support in furthering the organization’s mission to build a better, more inclusive community and nation by empowering adults with developmental disabilities to live, work, and connect.

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