Removing barriers, ensuring access to voting

Sept. 25, 2020

The voices of people with developmental disabilities must be heard at the ballot box, and we can help ensure those we support exercise their right to vote. LADD is sharing important information, providing resources and working to make it as easy as possible for people to vote. Learn more about our efforts below and join us in removing barriers and helping people navigate voting in an election year unlike any other.


6 steps LADD is taking to assist people we support in voting:

  1. Reminding people Election Day is Nov. 3 and explaining the importance of voting for people with disabilities.
    • Voting is an important way you can take part in your community. We need people with disabilities to have their voices heard! Your vote does count, and voting can allow you to be independent while making choices that concern your life.
  2. Asking if people are registered to vote (Ohio deadline: Oct. 5).
  3. Talking to people about their voting options and explaining that they can vote by mail to stay safe while COVID-19 is still spreading.
    1. In person on election day
    2. Vote by mail
    3. In person before election day
  4. Assisting people in requesting a mail-in ballot (Ohio deadline: Oct. 31). 
  5. Helping people research candidates or view their sample ballot.
  6. Once they receive their ballot, assisting people we support in filling it out or putting it in the mail. (Ohio deadline: Postmarked by Nov. 2. Can also return mail-in ballot in-person to county board of elections before 7:30 p.m. Nov. 3)

More resources we’re sharing with LADD employees and people we support: